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First three years - 始の三年 (Hajime no san'nen)

This piece "First three years - 始の三年 "was also for a Kakizomé held in January, 2013. (No worries, I will later mention the Kakizomé that we had this year too....) The time flies indeed. It's almost been full three years since I came to live in Paris in May, 2011. There were a lot of things to make me to come and there were again a lot of things happened while I started my new life. 2011 was a key year to me. Everything has changed. Not only for the occasion of Kakizomé but also for a daily practise, it's nice to write about your personal "motto" in calligraphy. This way you will think of it and you will try to act to respect your motto. That was the reason, why the sentence as "First three y

Kakizomé, January 2013

So here is the "Waka" piece that I performed in live at Kakizomé, held in January. Below is a brief translation. 雪雲の 低き空より魂の 破片のごとき 牡丹雪降る From the low sky of nimbus The fleeches of falling snow Like a fragment of soul As I explained in the previous post, it is my granduncle who composed this Waka. His name is Sumié Okazaki (岡崎澄衛). I particularly wanted to write in the theme of winter or snow in a classical piece so I thought of him. I first asked my mother in Japan among his work since we have several anthologies of his. She then picked up one or two for me and I chose this one. This poeme starts silently and calmly, but I like it that it ends quite strongly and passionately with a word "fra

Kanji Snow / Neige

This "kanji" stands for snow. This is just a part of the entire big paper where I practised many times for an annual performance that our groupe holds every year in January at the occasion of "Kakizomé" I particularly liked this writing of snow, although it was on a draft. This looks simple and even miserable, not in a way that it is not pretty. In this stylization of "kanji", I see all the warmness and the hardness to co-live with the snow. So I took a picture to remain for later. Oh, there was another exotic word after "kanji"..... What is "Kakizomé" ? 「書き初め」 - literally "first writing"- is a Japanese term for the first calligraphy written at the beginning of a year. Traditionnaly, we cel


Hello - Bonjour -こんにちは

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