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Portes Ouvertes du 14ème arrondissement de Paris, le 6 & 7 juin 2015


こ れは、先週末の様子です。先週末、パリ14区では、14区在住のアーティストが働くアトリエを一般に公開するという、「アトリエ公開日」というイベントが 開かれました。ひとくちにアトリエと言っても、まさにオールジャンルのアトリエが存在し、この日のみ、絵画や彫刻はもちろん、ガラス細工など普段なかなか 見ることが出来ないアトリエも公開され、自由に見学することが出来たそうです。




Hi all, hope life is treating everyone well !

Here is a few pictures of me from last weekend, where Paris 14th was organising an event "Portes Ouvertes". It literally means "Opened Doors", but especially doors of artists' studio living and working in 14th area. During this event only, you can freely visit there studio and see their works.

My teacher also participated in this event and she gave me this opportunity to work on one demonstrationin front of the public. I wrote a "waka" of Ryokan, in the theme of spring.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and see you soon in another post! À très vite!


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